2 new massage therapists has joined our team!

The Clinique À votre Santé is proud to announce the arrival of two new certified professional massage therapists each with more than 10 years of experience:


Shawn Belly and Maria Marrongelli.


We wish a warm welcome to our new colleagues! Your Clinic now has a complete offer to serve you better!


Shawn Belly

Shawn Belly is a recognized massage therapist in his community. A great sportsman since he was young, Shawn’s impressive career has made him a specialist in sports massage and pre-competition and post-competition care for athletes. His care has led him to work on several competition sites here and around the world.

Sports massage is a massage therapy technique in its own right, and anyone who does physical activity on a regular basis will benefit. This type of massage works in the prevention and rehabilitation of muscle injuries. Achieved after the performance, it also promotes recovery and better subsequent performance.
It goes without saying that Shawn is a master of therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage.

Visit massotherapist section to learn more about Shawn or to book a massage!


Maria Marrongelli

Maria is an orthotherapist. Therapeutics massages like Swedish relaxation massages have no secrets for her. If you experience muscle pain or stiff joints caused by bad postures or repetitive movements, it will relieve you.
Maria has more than one string to her bow and can help her clients achieve optimal wellness in all aspects, physical, mental and emotional so they can live the best life possible. Make an appointment with her and entrust her your relaxation!

To book your moment of relaxation with Maria, visit our welcome section!