Boost your immune system with massage

Why are we more vulnerable to infections and diseases during the winter season? OK, viruses like the cold (they develop more easily when the temperature drops), but the real reason is the body’s inability to adapt to changes in its environment.
The immune system is none other than our bodyguard, take care of it is therefore watch over our health. In addition to taking vitamins and supplements, you must eat healthy, move and sleep well. These simple tips will help you to maintain your energy and reinforce your defenses all winter long.


A massage specially designed to stimulate our defense system

At the clinic, we also offer a therapeutic treatment called lymphatic drainage. It is a gentle, very relaxing massage that stimulates and accelerates the circulation of the lymph to get rid of toxins and strengthen its immune system. It is done by varying the pressure with the fingers and the palms of the hands on the whole body. The massage therapist follows the direction of the lymphatic circulation. It is a treatment recognized to “boost” its defense mechanism before facing the winter.

The lymphatic system is like a waste disposal system. The microbes and dead cells are directed to the lymph nodes by the lymph. The ganglia filter this waste and return the lymphatic fluid (lymph) clean in the blood. Immunity will be activated by the overproduction of lymphocytes and white blood cells stimulated by the acceleration of the flow caused by drainage.
After this massage, you will feel a lightness and increased vitality. A must!

Did you take advantage of your massage therapy insurance this year?

There are only 5 weeks left before the end of the year. Do not forget that if you do not use your insurance balance for massage therapy and / or osteopathy services this year, it will be lost! Make an appointment today, Michel and his team of experienced massage therapists will take care of you!

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