Get away from seasonal depression with massage


Here we are in the heart of November, this unloved wedged between the flamboyant colors of September and the magic of Christmas. For many people, a little blues sets in and is called seasonal depression. This subtle disease can last until March! Since it is not a severe depression, the symptoms are not alarming. We wonder what is wrong, we tend to isolate ourselves, our mood changes, we are more agitated, we feel tension in the neck and shoulders, etc. That being said, we know that the lack of light is the cause.

Biological Clock: Everything is connected!

When we are exposed to light, our eyes transmit it to a region of the brain that regulates the biological clock. This is how happiness hormones such as serotonin are secreted. It is these active hormones that give us life. In the evening, they must be eliminated and replaced by sleep hormones. When the light is scarce, our wake and sleep cycle is disrupted, which causes this famous seasonal depression. Mystery elucidated!


The massage can help you, it’s proven!

The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami has conducted several studies on the benefits of massage therapy. Massage decreases anxiety and depression and reduces the level of stress hormones in our body by 53%. Awesome isn’t it? Therapeutic massage involves rubbing, kneading, pressing certain points on the muscles to relieve tension, increase blood flow and promote relaxation. This has the effect of stimulating the mood and improves the general feeling of well-being.

Of course, only your doctor can make a diagnosis if you think you are suffering from seasonal depression. But before considering medications, make an appointment with our clinic professional. Debbie, Maria and Shawn are experienced massage therapists. During your appointment, tell your massage therapist that you have this condition, he or she will know how to relieve you.

Note that with us, an appointment lasts about 90 minutes for a massage of a real duration of 60 minutes and nearly 2 hours for a massage of a real duration of 90 minutes because we take the time to listen to you and to do things well.

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