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Boost your immune system with massage

Why are we more vulnerable to infections and diseases during the winter season? OK, viruses like the cold (they develop more easily when the temperature drops), but the real reason is the body’s inability to adapt to changes in its environment. The immune system is none other than our bodyguard, take care of it is […]

Get away from seasonal depression with massage

  Here we are in the heart of November, this unloved wedged between the flamboyant colors of September and the magic of Christmas. For many people, a little blues sets in and is called seasonal depression. This subtle disease can last until March! Since it is not a severe depression, the symptoms are not alarming. […]

2 new massage therapists has joined our team!

The Clinique À votre Santé is proud to announce the arrival of two new certified professional massage therapists each with more than 10 years of experience:   Shawn Belly and Maria Marrongelli.   We wish a warm welcome to our new colleagues! Your Clinic now has a complete offer to serve you better!   Shawn […]

Pregnant Woman and Osteopathy

A pregnant woman sees her body undergo multiple transformations: the digestive organs are pushed up with the increased volume of the uterus, the bladder is compressed, and the pelvis changes significantly, there is an increase supply of blood and lymph and many hormonal changes. Therefore women often experience lower and upper back pain, heartburn, rib […]

TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most frequently used joint. Each time you open and close the mouth, swallow, speak or yawn, you are using your TMJs. The TMJs are synovial joints with an articular disc. TMJ disorders not only affect your teeth but can also create headaches, neck or spine problems. You can experience […]