Homeopathy is a science developed by Dr. Samuel Hannemann around 1790. It is called a science because it is based on rigid laws and principles that date back more than 200 years. 

It is also a medicine:

Soft: the remedies used are substances coming from the mineral, vegetable or animal kingdom administered at low doses in order to activate the defense mechanisms of the individual.

Holistic: it is a comprehensive approach that deals individually with the whole suffering person and not only with a part of it.

Respectful: the homeopath respects the individual in its complexity and fragility and allows him to take an active part in the treatment so that he takes his health in charge.

Disease is a physical and emotional disorder, it follows an energy disorder that is also called vital energy or dynamis. Through its therapeutic activating system of self-regulation, homeopathy focuses its attention on the patient in relation to nature, with others and himself.

Since health is a matter of relationship, homeopathy will change the look on this disease.

It’s up to you to choose health!

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Nancy Bruneau

  • Nursing Graduate
  • Dental Hygiene graduate
  • Bachelor of Science Psychology
  • Diploma in Psychokineering
  • Lecturer
  • Professor of Homeopathy
  • Professor of reflexology
  • Founder of Homéo-Santé Institute

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