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Michel Favre’s background

Michel Favre’s background includes a baccalaureate in Administration and studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine performed in Paris and in Beijing at the Guan An Men Hospital in the early 90’s. It also includes around 1000 hours of study in massage techniques including Swedish and Californian massage. Lymphatic Drainage. Trager and Fascia Biorhythm techniques and more than 10 years of practice as an RMT in Québec. He is also performing energy work with La TrameA Votre Santé - Michel Favre

He completed five years of study in osteopathy at the Ecole Professionelle des Osteopathes du Québec (EPOQ) and as a member of CPOQ can issue osteopathic Insurance receipts.



Osteopathy is an extremely gentle form of treatment that is suitable for everyone including infants and elderly.

In Canada, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners complete a rigorous 5-year program of clinical and academic study in osteopathic manipulation. They treat patients using manual techniques only. They do not use drugs, medication, surgery or other medical procedures.

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Deep Tissue

Muscles have many layers that overlap and sometimes tension is located in the deeper layers.

Our extensive knowledge of anatomy allows us to work on the deep muscles and ligaments to release the joint structures and relieve recurring pain originated from tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, herniated discs or simply old muscle tensions that took time to deeply settle.


Lymphatic Drainage

The function of the lymphatic system

The nutrients our cells need are brought to them by the blood vessels. The cells absorb them and discharge waste into the interstitial fluid. This waste is often too big to enter the blood capillaries and join the veins. Acting like a real sewer system, the lymphatic channels take over and lead the waste to the purification stations that are the lymph nodes. Once clean, the lymph returns to the blood system at about the height of the right clavicle.

This lymphatic system has no pump as the heart to activate its circulation. It works slowly and mainly through the movement of the body and breathing. Sometimes it slows down. The legs become heavy and toxins invade the body opening the door to many infections. It is good from time to time to restart the system and to purify its organism to the changes of seasons.

The treatment

Receiving lymphatic drainage The massage that activates the lymphatic system lasts 90 minutes and is done on the skin without oil and is very very light. It therefore promotes relaxation and relaxation and some of our clients choose it for this reason: their sympathetic system calms down and the functions of sleep or digestion improve.


  • Heavy legs,
  • Insomnia,
  • Digestive problems,
  • Sprain, etc …


Californian massage

The Californian massage is a massage that promotes relaxation and helps regain body awareness through listening to your body. It induces a well-being and changes at all levels. It is derived from the Swedish massage and it still respects the same principals of gentleness and the fluidity of massage techniques. It is practiced lying down on the massage table using oil on the skin.

It is therefore a natural massage recommended for those under stress, insomnia, problems of esteem or simply seeking a break from the stress of everyday life.


La Trame ®

La Trame is a technique created in 1990 by Patrick Burensteinas. Mr. Burensteinas has scientific training, where his studies helped him to develop this technique that influence vibrational energy flow in our body.

The technique of La Trame

The technique of La Trame is divided into a sequence of 16 movements developed by Patrick Burensteinas and given by a qualified practitioner.

Its purpose is to allow a better flow of information within the body. Our experiences or unexpressed emotions can cause distrubances that need to be removed such as a rock on a carpet that needs to be shaken off.

The sequence is to remove these obstacles, and to restore the smooth flow of harmonious energy.

La Trame is open to anyone wishing to improve their overall being. It can be used from time to time, to solve a particular problem or a more regular basis, in a process of personal development.

What is La Trame?

Patrick Burensteinas started with a question: Why does every cell of our body remain in place and ensure the function normally attributed to them?

He was able to show that just as a plan is necessary for an architect to construct, a plan of information is necessary for the proper functioning of our body. La Trame is the name given by Patrick Burensteinas, which describes a pattern in our body that tells each of its components – from the cell to the organ – its place and role. The flow of information on this canvas, although invisible, allows the coexistence and cooperation of all cells, in order to live and to support “the community” represented by the various components of our body.

Disruption of the flow of information in the body results in disorders responsible for physical discomfort or psychological issues.

For more information visit the web site: www.la-trame.com


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