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Restructuring of the energy system®

Emotional shocks or situations of violence, accidents, burnout or depression, physical upheaval, surgery, or simply the desire to make significant changes in your life: Here are some cases where you might need a restructuring of your energy system.

Indeed, the purpose is to restore the energy field in its optimal shape, to free it from its blockages and to recharge it of energy so that the energy circulates there freely.

Back in contact with the power of the energy body, the person feels in agreement with him/herself. Life decisions are easier.

Also, the restructuring aims to clean in depth and to replace various aspects that form our energy field.

The energy field surrounding our bodies is influenced by the events of our lives, the thoughts that have been sustained, the traumas suffered, the attitudes and beliefs in which it is impregnated. Its shape can change, and position itself differently. and can sometimes become overloaded, which will have the effect of keeping us in the same state, that is, in the same difficulties, ways of thinking, etc.

The forms of our energy impacts our feelings: feelings of stress, feelings of being stressed, being unable to move forward, difficulty in acting, feeling cut in two, feeling tired, living in the past, and so on. It is also  influencing the health of our energy circulation.

The treatment is carried out in two (2) stages: The restructuring as such at first and a verification / consolidation is carried out 4 weeks later. This treatment is for adults.

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Harmonization is indicated in case of severe fatigue, to help eliminate or reduce imbalances, blockages and crystallization or for people suffering from diseases that see a reduction in their energy level.

Indeed, this type of care aims to harmonize the person in all the dimensions of his being, to allow him to unite when he feels duality and to balance his female and male poles.

This treatment increases the energy level when there is physical and emotional exhaustion. It sustains the expansion of consciousness by allowing it to touch up its inner power and by promoting its ability to choose.

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Our body has an energy that circulates in all directions to irrigate our organs. Polarity helps to clear energy blockages by circulating energy in its natural circuits and the whole body and restoring harmony in the elements of our body. This energy fluidity contributes to the maintenance of healthy organs and to its homeostasis by allowing the various systems of the body to self-regulate and strengthen themselves in order to promote the healing of the body.

The polarity serves as a maintenance treatment. Polarity therapy is helpful after or during an intensive period of work, convalescence or preventive and holistic maintenance.

Polarity often brings lightness and vitality.

The polarity may be recommended in the following situations:

  • stress or anxiety;
  • difficulty sleeping;
  • digestion problems;
  • muscle aches;
  • great emotionality;
  • lack of energy, etc.

Polarity cleans systems, restores the vital circulation of energy and brings harmony, relief and relaxation.

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La Trame ®

La Trame is a technique created in 1990 by Patrick Burensteinas. Mr. Burensteinas has scientific training, where his studies helped him to develop this technique that influence vibrational energy flow in our body.

The technique of La Trame

The technique of La Trame is divided into a sequence of 16 movements developed by Patrick Burensteinas and given by a qualified practitioner.

Its purpose is to allow a better flow of information within the body. Our experiences or unexpressed emotions can cause distrubances that need to be removed such as a rock on a carpet that needs to be shaken off.

The sequence is to remove these obstacles, and to restore the smooth flow of harmonious energy.

La Trame is open to anyone wishing to improve their overall being. It can be used from time to time, to solve a particular problem or a more regular basis, in a process of personal development.

What is La Trame?

Patrick Burensteinas started with a question: Why does every cell of our body remain in place and ensure the function normally attributed to them?

He was able to show that just as a plan is necessary for an architect to construct, a plan of information is necessary for the proper functioning of our body. La Trame is the name given by Patrick Burensteinas, which describes a pattern in our body that tells each of its components – from the cell to the organ – its place and role. The flow of information on this canvas, although invisible, allows the coexistence and cooperation of all cells, in order to live and to support “the community” represented by the various components of our body.

Disruption of the flow of information in the body results in disorders responsible for physical discomfort or psychological issues.

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For more information or to make an appointment, contact Suzanne Cloutier at 819.682.1811

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